Remembering Life: How to Plan Funerals and Cremation

There is nothing more tedious and emotionally draining than planning an appropriate and meaningful funeral for a dearly departed. When one says emotionally draining, it is because he is basically preparing to say goodbye to all his loved ones. More often than not, they are still trying to cope with the reality that this may be the last time they will ever see their loved ones.

Many families look to funeral parlors to plan and arrange their loved one’s funerals. Sometimes, the parlors offer additional aid and services that benefit both the deceased and their loved ones. They also provide the option of pre-planning one’s funeral even before he departs.

How do you want to be remembered?

Funerals are not just a social send off for our loved ones. It is more or less, a celebration of their lives. Many of our clients want to have elaborate and meaningful funerals designed to showcase the best moments of the deceased. These could be done either a gallery of their most favorite photos or even a DVD movie showing their life. Aside from photos, we also handle the catering, the flower arrangements and even the flow of the funeral ceremony. This is done to ensure that the dearly departed is remembered fondly.

Cremation or burial?

CremationThere are two types of burial treatments. One is the traditional burial, which involves entombing the coffin either in a plot of land or mausoleum. The other is reducing the remains to ash and dust by means of Cremation. So what is it really? Basically, it involves putting the body in a large specifically designed oven. It is then burned and its ashes are placed in elaborately designed urns. Now this type is often debated upon by both family members and holder.

Some members may not be comfortable with the idea of burning a loved one’s remains and reducing them to dust, purely for the fact that they view it as something akin to disposing something. Another reason stems from the idea that there should be a physical body that friends and relatives can visit when he departs.

When considering cremation as the preferred burial method, we often advise our clients to have a sit down with their family members. It is important to relieve the family of whatever anxiety and apprehension they have regarding cremation because not only does it ease them, it can also alleviate whatever doubts they have about the process. At the same time, our clients are relieved knowing that their family members are at peace and that their wishes will be met.

How are the grieving taken care of?

Sometimes, our clients are left wondering how their loved ones are taken care of. Oftentimes, death leaves our loved ones with our unfinished businesses and the pain of loss is completely unbearable. In the process of coming to terms, their own personal time and resources are depleted. We provide our clients with a wide range of both post and pre-funeral services.

Funerals PlanFor the pre-funeral services, we provide assistance in filing for various benefits such as social security, insurance claims, veteran benefits, etc. This is done so that those benefited can receive it afterwards without any haste whatsoever. We also provide necessary funeral services such as embalming, coffin pallbearers, the use of the hearse, musicians, the use of limousines, flower and condolence baskets and many more. All these are done in order to provide our clients with the best send off for their loved ones.

For our post funeral services, we provide grief support. More often than not, many of our clients still cannot cope with the loss, which causes them to need more than just time alone. Fortunately, our grief support group allows our clients to meet on scheduled days to share and talk about coping with the loss. We also have a grief program, which works by keeping track of our clients for a year in order to help alleviate the loss. This is done through a series of newsletters, quotes and inspirational stories designed to help in the grieving process. This is done with the belief that having someone relate to the pain of loss will make it easier for our client to accept the loss slowly and move on.

How is it that funeral parlors can do all this without getting emotional?

Simply put, funeral parlors do all of this because we empathize with our clients. We have grown to understand that the loss of someone special is something that cannot be taken lightly and it has varying effects to one another. We do all of this knowing that we can help ease the pain if only for a moment. By providing support to both client and family, we are making sure that they are well taken care of, financially and emotionally, immediately before and after the funeral.