A Guide to Buying Golf Iron Sets

Since irons make up the bulk of any golf bag, it is important to understand the following important considerations when buying golf iron sets. As a beginner or a professional, taking into account these specifications can help you find the ideal iron set to complement your game.

When making a selection among the different golf iron sets available, take note of the two different types of irons – forged irons and cast irons.

Forged irons can be likened to a throwback to the days of village blacksmiths. The process for creating a forged iron starts by hammering metal into the desired form and appearance of the carbon steel club head. Finishing it off requires further milling, pounding, and buffing.

The outcome of forging creates a solid piece of iron. A club of this particular make would appeal to more advanced golf players. They favor this as it makes it easier for them to manipulate shots and handle ball trajectory. Consequently, forged irons are dearer in price.

A cheaper alternative is a cast iron club. As the name suggests, this club is formed using molds filled with hot, liquid metal. This particular process makes it possible for manufacturers to create more intricate club head designs. The majority of golf clubs sold nowadays are made using the cast iron method.

The choice between the two is a personal decision for individual golfers since everyone’s needs and abilities vary. At best, experts recommend choosing the one that matches your style best.

It is also important to consider the designs of golf iron sets when shopping around for your own set.

The features of blade irons are distinctly thin, from the face and top line. It also provides a compact hitting area. The sweet spot produced by this particular design is relatively small at the center of the club head. Hence, it is ideally used by advanced players. Because of its ability to manipulate a shot better compared to a cavity back iron, it has been dubbed by many as muscle backs.

The cavity back is so called because of the recessed design of its club head. Because of its unique shape, the weight is concentrated around the head’s perimeter. Consequently, the design helps increase the Moment of Inertia provided by a cavity back iron. Because it offers a larger sweet spot as well, it is ideally suited for a golfer with a mid to high level handicap.

The typical golf iron sets sold would include the standard 9 irons. The ensemble would have the long irons, mid irons, and short irons. The choice of an additional wedge or two may often be thrown in as well. You have your choice between a pitching wedge, lob wedge, and sand wedge.

Golf iron setsNowadays, manufacturers may offer hybrid sets that provide a selection of different irons to suit the different needs of players. The typical hybrid set would have short irons with a cavity back design. The make of mid irons would be part-iron and part-wood with a hollowed back design. The long irons are infused with the characteristics of a fairway wood.

In terms of shaft choices, you have steel versus graphite. Although some golf iron sets do offer a combination of both materials in a single shaft.

Typically, you would use a steel shaft for an iron club. This material is stronger than graphite but heavier at the same time. The good thing about having a steel shaft is its accuracy and consistency since less arching is produced. It also costs less and is more durable, hence its popularity among golfers, both amateur and professional.

Although graphite is more flexible and lightweight, it does offer certain advantages to help you in your game. Being lighter than steel, it presents you with the ability to increase your swing speed, thus possibly generating greater distances.

For most players, the feel of a graphite steel shaft may not be as sufficient as one that is made from steel. Seniors, children, or even women golfers may appreciate its light feel. Although, it is pricier than its counterpart as the manufacturing process is more expensive.

Shafts made from a combination of steel and graphite are categorized as multi-material. The assembly would be mainly steel tipped with granite. The use of steel would provide greater control over the flight of the ball. While the graphite tip helps filter the vibrations that often occur upon contact when the ball is hit.

These days, buying a golf iron set to add to your golf bag need not be so difficult. Fortunately, many sporting goods stores have a designated area wherein you can try swinging a few balls to help you get a feel for the club.

Even major manufacturers are customizing their services to help players when purchasing equipment. Custom fitting provides you with a set of irons adapted to your particular size, i.e. height, and swing.

Most of the golf clubs sold in the market are designed for players with an average height of 180 cm, this translates to 5’ 10”. If you are smaller than that, then it would be advisable for you to have custom fitted clubs.

Not only would the make be customized to suit your height, even the club head can be tailored to match your swing. This service is typically available at golf shops that cater to professional players. So, it definitely would cost more than a regular club set.

Remember these factors when choosing among sets so that you’d get one that boosts your chances of winning.