Custom Lanyards can be Seen Every day

There are times that wearing identification is needed but you’re given a pin to wear it with. More often than not, you’ll have a hard time finding a place to place your pin. You might end up putting it in an inconvenient place where it won’t be that visible or it’ll just get in your way. You can instead get custom lanyards and wear it around your neck instead.

Custom lanyards are often made from a material called polyester and are cords that are looped around the neck. It is made to have a small item hung from it. Special retail stores are available to make and sell lanyards and will also give you an option to customize it.

Within an office setting, lanyards are used to not just carry an ID. Some would have their key cards hung from it, too, so that they can have a faster way of going around their facilities. These lanyards would be issued by the company and will bear the logo and name of it so that the person can be known to work for them. This is useful for offices that don’t implement uniforms. Some companies would designate color codes with the lanyards to be able to tell the position of the employee. Some would have an employee wear an orange lanyard, telling others that he is a regular employee, while the managers would have a maroon-colored lanyard.

Custom LanyardsSpecial events, such as conventions for video games and movies, have lanyards that can be given away either by the sponsors or by the organizers themselves. Sponsors would have booths set up and will ask a participant to either sign up or play one of their games for them to get a free lanyard. These lanyards would sometimes be bundled with other souvenirs coming from the sponsors or the organizers. Staff members would also wear special lanyards so that they can be identified quickly even in a crowd.

Polyester is the material of choice with custom lanyards. It is flexible but it won’t break easily. It is also hypoallergenic, which means it is gentle on the skin. Nowadays, other materials like nylon and par cords are used for lanyards, but polyester is the used when a customized design is needed.

The common widths of custom lanyards are 3/8 inches, ½ inches and 5/8 inches. The wider the width, the more designs you can place on it.

There are a number of ways to place your design on a lanyard. Printing is one, and this is sometimes done with a silkscreen pattern. Another preferred method is with weaving two polyester threads of different colors and the design or pattern is weaved into the lanyard itself. Another method is when the print is fused into the lanyard and with this, the design becomes permanent on it; it won’t fade or chip.

Depending on where the lanyard will be used, it can have any design that you want. Companies and schools will have the name and logo of the company or school, and these will only be given to the employees or students. You can also have your very own customized lanyard made-to-order. On there are a lot of retail stores that specializes in customizing lanyards.

Certain retail stores would also have patterns that are ready to be used if you would like the design. If you want to have one printed, you may be able to arrange an agreement with the store since most stores will only take bulk orders. Once you chosen your lanyard, you
can also choose the attachment that you want, and you’re all set.